90 Miles Theater Company, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization committed to bringing diverse and memorable theater experiences to the Hudson Valley community. 
All who are interested in participating in quality performances, on or backstage are welcome, and encouraged to become a member of our next production.

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Without financial support we cannot continue to bring you the highest quality theater. 

You can help us greatly by making a donation to our "There's No Place Like Home" fund. 

Donations to this fund go directly
into raising money
for purchasing a performance space. 

We can achieve this goal with your donations. 
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Seeking Playwrights

We will be hosting a One-Act Play Festival soon!

If you are interested and have a short play, here is your chance
to present it to a small audience 

Details about the application and submission process is coming.
Web Collaborator 

Internship and/or volunteer opportunity for a
website collaborator

Volun​​​​​teer Photographer

Intrest in photographing upcoming performances 

email: 90milestheatercompanyinc@gmail.com
Lighting Designer for ​​Into the Woods

We are seeking a lighting Designer for our Fall production of Into The Woods

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