About Us

90 Miles Theater Company Inc. began as a grass-roots theater company founded by educators and community members from New Paltz and Highland.  Originally named 90 Miles Off Broadway due to the groups location from New York City, the organization has been in operation for 54 years.  While many versions of the company have come and gone, their support for their local community has remained.  The company is committed to providing affordable, diverse, and memorable theater experiences in the Hudson Valley. 

In Memorandum

In January of 2019, our beloved Vice-President and Musical Director Lisa Danner, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.  A life-long music fan, Lisa spread joy to all who knew her.

In honor of her unwavering support, loyalty, kindness, and devotion, we will be holding a memorial service for her.  Check back for details.

The 2019-2020 Season, along with all of our 2019 Cabaret Series is dedicated to her.